The 5 Core Abilities of Highly Effective Leaders 

Learn them and enlarge your life!

I'm sure you'll agree that nobody becomes an outstanding leader by accident. The difference between leaders that make a lasting impact and those that don't is that they consisently do certain things very well. 

Errol Lawson interviewed over 100 successful Christian leaders and entrepreneurs from around the world to discover exactly how they achieved their level of influence and impact. 

In 'The 5 Core Abilities' Errol teaches you what makes these leaders stand out and how you can too.

You’ll Learn the 5 Core Abilities of a Highly Effective Leader:

How to create and manage wealth the wealth you'll need to fulfill your goals.

How to defy self-doubt an lead with conviction..

How to get the best out the people you lead.

How to focus on the important tasks and delegate or eliminate the rest

How to create and communicate a compelling vision for your business or ministry

Errol Lawson

About the Author

 Errol Lawson has an amazing personal story. He is from Birmingham in the UK. Born in 1980 he successfully overcame the challenges of his teenage years - which involved getting involved with gangs and drugs - to become a Pastor, best selling author, award winnng entrepreneur, Life Coach and inspirational role model to leaders and young people around the world. 

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