About Errol:

I lead a dynamic company that provides coaching, mentoring, speaking and training for teachers, organisational leaders, young people and entrepreneurs.

I recently asked a headteacher that hired us to train all of the teaching and non-teaching staff in her school why she chose me. She said, "Errol, I just want my team to stop being grumpy and start being nice." We chuckled about it, but this is exactly what most of our clients want. To get rid of the negativity and grumpiness in their teams and to create a more positive and inspiring culture that improves productivity, performance and well being.

What makes our work transformational is our ability to connect with the hearts and minds of people, especially those that others consider to be difficult to engage. I personally went from being homeless at 16 years old and being involved with tough street gangs to turning it around and becoming an award-winning entrepreneur and best selling author of three books. So, I personally know what it's like to feel stuck in life, without purpose or direction, but very importantly I also know what it takes to get back up, turn things around and start winning.

We can confidently say that every young person, leader or business owner that we work with gets results in their lives and would recommend us to others.

Typical results that people get from working with us are:

Those 'aha' moments that result in financial gains, improved performance and healthier relationships.
Discover the confidence needed to be able to confront difficult situations and step into their biggest challenges.
Teams feel more positive, more connected, and inspired about their futures.

For more information about how I can support you or your organisation simply send me an email or give me a call to arrange a discovery call and we can see if we are a right fit, and hopefully, we make 2020 your best year yet.

Create an Inclusive Culture in Your Organisation

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A practical and lasting solution for building and inclusive culture in your organisation or school

Recent events sparked by the murder of George Floyd have ignited a passion to see organisations and teams become more culturally aware and to be more intentional about creating inclusive working environments.

We want to help you create a culture in which all of your staff feel welcome, empowered and included. This, in turn, helps you deliver world-class products/services/education.

Fact: cultural change does not come from instructing staff what language and views they can and cannot have. It comes from educating, challenging and stimulating change from within.

"People have to see it and feel it before they change" John Kotter

Coaching and Mentoring

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New Video Series:

How to build positive and resilient teams With Errol Lawson

Increase productivity in your organisation by creating a positive, productive and uplifting culture in which everyone can flourish. It can be difficult to get the whole team pulling in the same direction, especially when you are going through a period of transition or change. At times it might seem like things will never improve, but there is a way forward, you can level up your organisation and create the results you desire. 

Errol is known for delivering enagaing and motivating workshops in the Education, Health, Corporate and Business sectors. In this short video series Errol will give you some practical insights into what you can do to 'turn the ship around' and create a more fruitful and productive team and organisational culture. 

Click on the video below to view the content in this series.

Here's what I'll be sharing with you...


Why difference does having a positive team culture make to our productivity and success?


How to help your team see what you see and inspire them to be positive and take action.


You can't do it on your own. How to build a team that takes responsibility for creating a positive organisational culture.  


How to help your team get the right perspective, be more positive and take their eyes off the negativity.

What People say about Errol

"As a team we have had a number of development days, this was has been without question the best yet! Errol is an amazing facilitator and I'm sure we'll be coming back for more. Excellent day all round."

Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust 2019

"Errol is an amazing facilitator the feedback from staff has been overwhelming. Thank you."

Northampton GP Alliance 2019

"It was one of the most inspiring Inset sessions we have ever had. Many staff spoke about how they would alter their behaviours as a result of it. When the coatings came through I thought they were expensive, I now think it was worth every penny. Thank you Errol for making us think about how we act impacts our lows life as well as others."

Newfield Park Primary 2019  

"The session was great and went down really well with all the delegates. On our feedback survey 78% of people thought the session was excellent. Other comments included: insightful, motivational, engaging, excellent speaker."

 NHS East Midlands Leadership Academy 2019

"I have received much positive feedback and a number of individuals would have loved to have participated in a longer workshop session :)"

Derbyshire County Council 2019  

"I just wanted to thank you again for your contribution to our Year 11 Be the Best Conference yesterday. The event was very well received by the pupils and all of the feedback from staff has been extremely positive. I am looking forward to seeing what impact it has on pupils moving forwards. We will definitely be repeating and reminding them of the key messages. It certainly gave them a lot to think about at this important time."  

I really hope we are able to work with you again in the future.  

Hollingworth Academy 2019

"Thank you so much for tonight’s talk on The Art of Brilliance at Kew House School. It was very inspiring, motivating & energising after a long day at work. Both of my children were lucky enough to hear you speak today as well and thought you were awesome! Your story is very inspiring. There’s a lot of positive talk & energy in our house tonight!

Kew House Academy 2020



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